participants' comments

Up until meeting Felicitas I didn’t ride a bike. She is very natural, relaxed and makes every session fun. Time just flies and I wanted more and more.
I really enjoyed the variety of the exercises. She is very technical and passionate. At the end I felt safe and confident. Strongly recommend her. You can’t find a better trainer. Vlad 37 Years

I grew up not knowing how to ride a bicycle. My city was an urban area in Africa where we had no bicycle path and it was extremely dangerous for people to ride a bicycle on road.
Coming to Germany, I discovered that riding a bicycle is normal for everybody as a Sport and also as a means of transport. I knew I needed it badly but was ashamed that as an adult, I couldn't ride.
A friend told me of an adult program for new bicycle rider. I knew it was my perfect chance to claim back what I lost as a child. I went on line and I was able to locate Felicitas. I booked and appointment and I must say that that appointment changed my life.
I started the program and to my amazement, riding a bicycle is far easier than one could imagine if one is trained by an expert. Felicitas is an expert trainer for bicycle learner. I was able to learn from her the basics of riding, starting with scooter and then progressing to the bicycle. I was able to ride a bicycle even before the end of the training period.
I will recommend Felicitas to anybody who want to learn cycling on a bicycle. She is a good trainer with good knowledge of English and German and also a patient and friendly teacher. I must also say that the training ground for the program is superb and in a serene area free from much distraction from people. Thanks to Felicitas, I reclaimed the experience I lost as a child. Am so happy now, I can ride with fellow cyclist on the street. Taiwo , 34 Years 

  • In  the background you have a view on the Inselpark Wilhelmsburg, one training location, where classes and individual training take part.